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Frequently Asked Questions from the community

Many people come to our meetings and events without knowing what to expect or if they will fit into our club. Well, we're here to say that everyone is welcome and should be comfortable seeking knowledge about the world and looking for friendships. Everyone with a curious mind will have questions, but the degree to which those questions are asked and answered can be awkward, and we want you to be comfortable. Nobody knows everything! There is no such thing as a dumb question, and that's one of the ways that we all learn. So here are some answers to a few questions we get regularly.


Do I need to have a rock collection to become a member?

Nope, not at all. Many members have no collection, very small collections, or collect other things and are just interested in learning and appreciating the rock and mineral world. By joining our club, you will be introduced to many opportunities to start your collection if you choose, and maybe learn some tricks about collecting from our experienced members.


What if I don't know anything about geology, rocks, fossils, or gemstones?

There are few better ways to learn about the earth sciences, the mineral kingdom, and fossils than by joining our club. Every member of the club is learning, and we are an open and safe space to explore what you don't know and want to find out. We love to teach and learn too; otherwise, there would be no need to have presentations or classes for all our club members, right? And teaching others teaches the teacher too!

Where can I collect minerals and fossils?

Michigan's rich mineral wealth is apparent in so many places. It's a great place to learn about this! We do field trips and presentations on great places to go and do your own collecting. Just talking with our club members will get you ideas on areas to find agates, copper, hematite, brachiopods, celestine, sulfur, jasper, Petoskey stones, and more!

Can kids join the Michigan Mineralogical Society?

Yes, of course. We love to have junior rockhounds. But there are some limitations on field trips, and some locations will only let in adults. But students and children can join the club at a reduced rate and benefit from learning about the hobby from the adults in the club, and we welcome them.

What do you guys do in a Mineral club?

We go on field trips and dig for minerals, fossils, and gemstones. We meet at the Cranbrook Institute of Science and on Video presentations. We socialize, build friendships, go to rock shows, and volunteer at our annual show in October. We hang out with other people who enjoy this hobby and we all learn from each other. Some of our club members have become great friends and go on vacations together! Check out some of the benefits of membership here.

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