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Field Trips and Activities

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Every year, the MMS sponsors field trips and activities for adults and children. All Field Trips will be posted on the Members Only page under the Membership header tab. If you need further information, please visit the Contact Us page and we will quickly respond to your questions.

Credit: Disney "Snow White"
Pre-Field Trip hand crossing

As a fun treat, here are some vintage club Illustrations of a day collecting by past club member Ken Elwell.

© Ken Elwell 1961
© Ken Elwell 1967
© Ken Elwell 1970
© Ken Elwell 1979

Club Photos of our members and what they found on MMS field trips!

Celestite S Rockwood 2019.JPG

Stunning Celestite specimen from Field Trip to Sylvania Minerals Quarry, South Rockwood, MI

Club Members at Point Prospect in the U.P.

Hammering Away...

Club Member at Sylvania Minerals Quarry, South Rockwood MI 2020 Field Trip

Field Trip 11.jpg

Beautiful vug of calcite crystals from Sylvania Minerals Quarry on a 2020 Field Trip

Field Trip 1.jpeg

Club members working hard to uncover beautiful specimens on 2020 Field Trip and practicing social distancing!

Calcite and Celestite

Calcite and Celestite crystals in a matrix of limestone

Happy Hunter!
Honey Calcite Crystals

Close up of the crystals.

2021 MMS Feild Trip showing beautiful cubic honey calcites in situ.

NOTE: Field trips and other club activities will sometimes require MMS Membership in order to fulfill legal requirements to remote or possibly dangerous locations. The Trip Chairperson will post those requirements and almost all field trips will require the participants to bring the proper equipment and training certification in order to participate.

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