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Upcoming Events

On this page, you will find Rock, Minerals, Museum, and Geology events that we hear about and want to pass on to our membership. We will update it quarterly and do our best to find fun Michigan things for you to do! A great place to go and check out upcoming Michigan shows is the Rocks and Mineral Shows Website!

Upcoming Events:

(Be sure to contact the host organization before traveling to the event. Masks may be required.)

Lawrence County Rock Club — June 21st (Fri 10-6:30), June 22 (Sat 9-6:30), June 23rd (Sun 10-4), Country Fairgrounds, Highway 50, Bedford, IN. Contact

Flint Rock & Gem Club — July 13th (Sat 10-5) July 14th (Sun 10-5), 4082 W. Vienna Road, Clio, MI. Contact Bill Wending @ 810-638-5796.

500 Earth Sciences Club of Indianapolis — Sept. 6th (Fri 10-6), Sept. 7th (Sat 10-6), Sept 8th (Sun 11-5), 4-H Fairgrounds, 620 N. Apple Road, Greenfield, IN. Contact Brian Mercer at

Toledo Gem & Rockhound Club — Sept. 6th (Fri 10-6), Sept. 7th (Sat 10-6), Sept. 8th (Sun 11-5), Pratt Pavilion, County Fairgrounds, 13800 W. Poe Road, Bowling Green, OH. Contact Steve Stalker at

Rock River Valley Gem & Mineral Society Rock Swap — Sept. 14th (Sat 9:30-3:30), A-American Companies, 1665 Elmwood Road, Rockford, IL. Contact Dave Reese at

Tulip City Gem & Mineral Club — Sept. 13th (Fri 10-7), Sept. 14th (Sat 10-7), Sept. 15th (11-5), Soccer Stop Sportsplex, 5 River Hills Drive, Holland, MI. Contact

Brown County Rock & Mineral Club — Sept. 21st (Sat 10-6), Sept. 22nd (Sun 10-4), 4-H Fairgrounds, 802 Memorial Drive, Nashville IN. Contact Rhonda Dunn at

Livingston Gem & Mineral Society — Sept. 21st (Sat 10-6), Sept. 22nd (Sun 10-4), Hartland Education Support, 9525 E. Highland Road, Howell, MI. Contact Lori Irvin at

Michigan Mineralogical Society — Oct 11th (Fri 9-6), Oct 12th (Sat 10-7), Oct 13th (Sun 11-5), Macomb Community College, South Campus Expo Center, 14500 E. 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI. For further infomation click here.

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