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Thanks so much for stopping by our website and looking over what MMS has to offer. We pride ourselves on being a busy and robust club for those in the world who collect rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and other related artifacts.


We would simply not exist if not for the interest and devotion of our members and patrons!


If you wish to make a donation to our organization, we are a State and Federal Government recognized 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service and all gifts to MMS are deductible as per the rules of charitable giving. We are recognized as an "educational and scientific" society with the U.S. Treasury Department.


IRS rules on giving are located here: Charitable Contributions


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We will never sell your information or keep any financial data in our MMS database. Only ticketinghub's financial partnerships keep any financial data which we cannot access. Your online privacy and safety are of paramount importance to us.

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Exhibit Case Donation Form


For those of you who wish to donate to our ongoing cause to replace our aging display cases with more modern exhibits, please download this form, fill it out with your donation plaque information and mail it into our treasurer so we can make sure you are properly recognized for your gift.

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Help with collections in need of a new home

We know that not everyone is a collector of rocks, related books, minerals, fossils and the equipment that goes with it. We are here to help those who need to find a new home for their mineral and/or fossil collections. Don't throw them out or just give them away. We would put them back to work for the collecting community.


Times when we would like to help:

•  You just have too much to take care of or you are looking to find out if its worth anything.

•  You're looking at what to do next with a collection. 

•  It's been sitting in your garage or shed and you want to do spring cleaning.

•  That box of old rocks is no longer of any interest and it needs to go.


We have helped many families, collectors, and even institutions with their collections and we are here to help you if you are looking to give or sell some of that collection to a community that will value its true worth. Anything we receive from you can be used for a tax credit, a gift to a charity and in turn we will use the collection to keep the rock, mineral and fossil community going strong and interest new minds.

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