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Science Article Contest

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We are Excited to Announce Our First MMS Writing Contest!

We are accepting articles from club members in TWO categories - Personal Stories and Scientific Articles.  Entries may be posted on our website as they are received.  A 1st Place winner and an Honorable Mention will be chosen. The prizes to be awarded will be $150 and $75, respectively. Judging by a panel of MMS Board members or editors will occur at the end of September, and the winning articles will be published in The Conglomerate newsletter. (See the Personal Stories Contest too.)

Scientific/Educational Articles can cover any topic in Earth Science or be about a certain species of mineral in your collection, including any property or characteristic of that mineral. Pictures, tables, and graphs are encouraged if they help tell the story. Educational articles must cite the source of any data or images used if taken from the internet or other outside sources.

The 2023 MMS Club
Writing Contest

The Rules

CONTEST PERIOD: Entries must be submitted between May 1, 2023, through the end of the day on September 15, 2023.


ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all MMS members in good standing.


GUIDELINES: Your essay length must be a minimum of 500 words. All stories must be original and written in the last year.


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Submit your essay electronically in a Microsoft Word readable format or easily read electronic format like a PDF. Send your entry to ALL: John Peters at, and Brad Zylman at


When submitted, the email heading must read: MMS WRITING CONTEST 2023

If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your entry within seven days, please re-submit. The body of the email should include your name and relevant contact information and if it’s for the Personal or Scientific category. The information you provide will only be used to track the story entry. If accepted, your article will be published here.


JUDGING CRITERIA FOR SCIENTIFIC/EDUCATIONAL ARTICLES: Composition and Style - 40%, Content - Originality & Accuracy - 30%, Grammar, punctuation, and spelling - 30%


PRIZES: Winners in the two categories will be announced at the annual Greater Detroit Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Show in October 2023.

  • 1st Place Prize: $150

  • 2nd Place Prize: $75


DISCLAIMER and NOTICE ON USAGE: All contestants agree to allow the MMS to post their article and information on the MMS website, Instagram, and Facebook “in perpetuity.” In return, we will not reveal any names or publish any personal information. Articles, if sent in a usable format, will be posted to the MMS website ( under the ‘Field Trips and Activities’ tab on the ‘Science Article Contest’ page. Your story will be public facing, intending to generate interest in the club and its mission. Winning essays will be published after the awards are announced at our show in October. All entries are subject to publication on the MMS website and the club newsletter ‘The Conglomerate.’ You agree to this by submitting your article.

Get to typing and send in your article today!!

2023 September entries

These PDF entries were comprised of personal experiences, location data, great pictures, and a reference list of supporting materials. Click to download the articles and read them on your computer using any PDF reader. These articles were authored by club members. Not only are they a great read, but they are filled with great information too.

Geology In Michigan

Article by Dave Adler, CPG, on Geology in Michigan - Field Guide to Fossil Collecting on the Stonington Peninsula in Delta County. 

As always, remember to follow local guidelines and state laws for collecting!

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 8.49.21 PM.png

Article by Physicist Ph.D. Ralph Conti on Peristerite - the Billion-Year-Old Mirror. 

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